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     The exceptional services provided by Honor Oak Carpet Cleaning mark them as the best Rubbish and Junk Removers. Uniformed, polite, and timely, they even assisted with moving my late mother's items into storage for my brother. A standout brand and business.
F. Adams20/06/2024
     The cleaners are always polite, diligent, and very knowledgeable.
Amelia Chapman10/06/2024
      Honor Oak Cleaners stands out for their excellent cleaning services and low prices.
Mila Reddy31/05/2024
     Our family is extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by this company, they never disappoint.
Kerry J.17/05/2024
     Each time I come home after their visits, I am amazed by how spotless everything looks. This cleaning company's services are exceptional thanks to their fantastic cleaner.
Daisy Carter16/04/2024
     Her brilliant strategies for tidying up any space leave no room for chaos or clutter.
Lee Bogard21/03/2024
     It couldn't have been easier to make an online reservation, thanks to the wide range of availability and an excellent price. The cleaner went out of their way to assist us and made our stay memorable.
Maggie R.11/03/2024
     The cleaner's work ethic and dedication to delivering a perfect service were commendable. A truly outstanding experience from beginning to end. She effortlessly cleaned two rugs, a carpet, sofa, chair and footstool until they were spotless and had an inviting scent.
R. Plant18/12/2023
     I rely on HonorOakCarpetCleaners's cleaning services now more than ever; they always arrive on time and produce amazing results. It has been almost four years since I began using them, and the quality of their work remains excellent.
Alex Duplus07/02/2023
     Have used HonorOakCarpetCleaners for domestic cleaning jobs for some time now. I've never had any issues with their team or the standard of their services.
G. Atkins19/05/2020
     This company always impresses me. Wonderful cleaning service.
Corey Vega20/09/2019
     Offices are busy places. I can't always clean as well as I'd like, so Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak does the office cleaning for me. My office supplies a couple of area nearby, so this cleaning agency is a blessing for me!
Malvina Rogers03/07/2019
     The customer service team of Honor Oak Carpet Cleaning were polite and knowledgeable. They gave me a free quote and completed the cleaning service fast and efficiently.
Erick 10/03/2017
     I was thrilled with Honor Oak Cleaners when they cleaned my home when I was moving out. It was a rental place and I wanted to make sure I got my deposit returned and that meant splashing our on an end of tenancy clean. A team sorted it and cleaned all over until the place was spotless. Needless to say I got my deposit back, many thanks!
S. Parker13/01/2016
      Honor Oak Carpet Cleaning continue to impress me with their fantastic cleaning services. I most recently hired them for help with rug cleaning, and I can now say that my rugs look better than new! Impressive service and a good price too.
Lucy J.14/10/2015
     You trust people when they're doing a job and I certainly trusted Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak. Their team were likeable when I met them, got to work right away and seemed happy to just get on and do all the work. Amazing work from a great bunch of cleaners!
     I was looking for an oven cleaning service provider for my daughter's house. Honor Oak Carpet Cleaning was recommended by friends as a reliable and diligent service provider. The tough stains and spillages were cleaned spotlessly. The staff even recommended a few ways in which we could avoid these tough stains. The oven was spotless and with zero grease marks. The machine looked brand new and I am happy to call it a job well done.
Martha Bells08/05/2015
     Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak should really call themselves ‘grime-busters' for their cleaners did such an amazing job at removing all that grime build-up in my bathroom and on my kitchen tiles! I love to cook and therefore my oven and counter tops can get rather dirty. This cleaning team however took it upon themselves to get my kitchen sparkling again and now I can cook with ease, knowing they are just a phone call away!
     I always love to do a bit of spring-cleaning every few months just to keep my home looking good. When it was coming up again, I decided to see what Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak could do for me. I had hoped they could make things easier and speed up the process and they did. I hired some of their staff to give me a hand and I was impressed with their knowledge, skill and how quickly they got things done. My cleaning was over in no time and the results were better than ever. Five out of five.
Emily Barton18/12/2014
     After we were engaged, my fiancé and I hosted a big party at our house. It lasted almost the entire weekend and come Monday we were left with huge piles of mess and stains. This became more problematic as my parents were going to visit a few days later. Knowing we couldn't get everything cleaned in time, we called up Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak. They sent their cleaners to us almost immediately and they took care of everything and made the house look better than it did to begin with. My parents arrived to find and be impressed with our spotless abode, which would never have happened if it wasn't for this company.
Daisy Rhodes20/06/2014
     There's a lot to say for companies who are able to do a really good job for a really great price. Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak are one of those companies and I must say that I am still really impressed with their services and what they are able to do for us. All of the stains which we were having problems getting rid of have been taken care of in a really great manner and I wanted to make sure that everyone out there had confirmation of the abilities which they offer their clients. If you're looking for help, these are the guys.
Gregory Roberts04/06/2014
     Would just like to thank Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak for what they have done for me, my home was in need of some thorough cleaning and I just couldn't find the time to do it properly, so I tried a cleaning company instead. This company are very good at what they do, they are very professional, they come equipped with all the right tools for the job and I cannot complain about anything at all. I shall be hiring them again in the future because next time I would like to try out their upholstery cleaning services as I have heard great things about that, speak to you soon, thanks again.
     My wife and I spend a lot of time away from the home, either due to business or social events. This means that we do not find the time to clean very often. I decided to hire Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak to take the burden off of her shoulders and she couldn't be happier. The cleaners come according to our desires and clean everything that we would like her to clean. The cleaner is trustworthy and as a result we can be out going about our business whilst they are at home cleaning. On behalf of my wife and myself I would just like to say a huge thank you for such a great service.
Vivek Singh27/03/2014
     When I find myself with more on my plate than I can really handle, the best way to deal with it all is to offload it on to someone else. I do it at work, and I do it at home with the housework. Sometimes a certain deadline will put huge amounts of pressure on me, and I find that I need to get Carpet Cleaners Honor Oak round to do a few chores that I know I don't have time for. In some circumstances, this has saved me a lot of trouble, as having a messy home means that you can't really concentrate, so they have made my job a lot easier!
Andrew Thomas07/01/2014